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CHF 88.80


A few weeks after the first NAΩS*CARDs were produced, the little voice was heard again:

"You know what? It would certainly be interesting to offer a pendant with this symbol as well."

Said ... done. We chose silicon for the carrier material, and a rounded rectangle constructed in the golden ratio for the shape.

The little voice then told me the following: "The NAΩS-Talisman acts as an invisible link and receiver of the information and intentions programmed into the water with the NAΩS*CARD and transmits them to the wearer."

* * *

Each NAΩS-Talisman is handmade. Weighing only a few grams, it is very light. If you take it in your hand during a meditation and hold it in front of your heart chakra, you will be surprised by its gentle energy.

Material: pure crystalline silicon
height 30mm, width 18mm, depth 5mm
solid eyelet made of pure 925 sterling silver

* * *

Detailed information about the NAΩS-Ttalisman