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CHF 58.00


Drive more relaxed * arrive more refreshed

The metal construction of the bodywork acts like a Faraday cage; its effect is such that the strongest lightning strikes cannot penetrate the interior of the car.

All passengers are well protected against lightning strikes. Unfortunately, the bodywork also protects against natural radiation, such as -ions (negative polarized). This phenomenon means that travelers get tired faster or feel nauseous because the human body feels the lack of ions inside the vehicle.

With the help of the Tachyons, you can considerably increase the number of -ions; by simply sticking the two MOTAC FENG*SHUI silicon discs inside your vehicle: one on the front window and the other on the back window. You will immediately notice the effect. The cells of the body -filled with more oxygen- will positively stimulate the whole organism.

Since the introduction of this product in 1999, thousands of people have taken advantage of this cheap and effective possibility.

The effect lasts for many years!