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Tachyon Sphere * gold-topaz

SK 50 GT d

CHF 100.00


Tachyonzied spheres are a powerful refresher and revitalize living-spaces and office rooms. Their energy field flow is very harmonious !
Since 1996, lots of Feng Shui experts and professional geobiologists use our tachyonized Silica-Spheres for harmonizing geopathic stress zones, such as Hartmann-Grid, Curry-Grid and Water-Veins. In order to raise the energy of a room, an apartment, house or your business premise, restaurant, etc. etc. we suggest to place four Silica-Spheres in the outer corner points (see sketch on this link).

Our Silica-Spheres can be applied for the following topics:
  • Feng Shui
  • harmonization of electric smog
  • harmonization of harmful earth rays
  • to refresh and energize living and working spaces

* * *

In which situation the color gold-topaz may be helpful ?
  • if there is a tendency to hide and to  conceal my skills
  • in case of distinct (maybe irrational) fears not to cope with life
  • if I’m afraid not to meet the requirements
  • in case of striving for perfection
  • if I do not even start any projects as I’m convinced to fail
  • in order to connect to my intuition and inner wisdom
  • n order to get more courage and perseverance


Additional positive effects:


  • courage et capacity to impose myself
  • helps to realize my own ideas and projects
  • being ready to emanate his own inner light
  • I’m totally confident