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CHF 198.00


Protection and well-being

The TELEOIS-Monolith offers protection and security. You feel like being hugged, in good hands and secure as in a comforting home. This object contains lots of ancient knowledge (like a huge library) and generates real stillness and calm (like in a monastery).

This little objet offers a sensation of width; similar to the sunrise or similar to a big door who shows the path for something new. It emanates shelter, tenderness and gentleness; you will behave heartier towards yourself, and instead of questioning everything you will rather respect everything. You will start living in the here and now. Furthermore it procures patience, confidence and concentration: almost everything will be clear as daylight and you might be able to better focalize.

As all the products from our assortment, each TELEOIS-Monolith is individually handcrafted in our ateliers. Each TELEOIS-Monolith is therefore unique: like you. For its manufacturing we use brass, 24 carat gold and regional walnut wood (juglans regia).

Placement and range: We recommend placing your TELEOIS-Monolith at a height between 1.40 m and 1.90 m; best on a wall. This means that you integrate it -similar to a painting- in your favourite room.

Please note that the gilded flower of the TELEOIS-Monolith points eastwards, as known from the entrance of the teepees of the North American Indians: the entrance of each teepee always points to the east; to the rising sun, the cardinal direction to which their prayers are addressed.

Dimensions: 40x70x10mm (width, height, depth)

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We have published more information about the TELEOIS-Monolith under this link.