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Pendant of Eternal Light


CHF 350.00


The Pendant of Eternal Light is a master tool with which each and every one of us can promote the forthcoming great transformation of the Earth: The Restoration of Eternal Light. This is exactly the purpose of the Pendant of Eternal Light. It is through it that we attract very high Beings of Light to assist us in this time of transformation.

The Pendant of Eternal Light enlivens all processes of creation: from the first rotation to the Eternal Light within all that exists. Mastery of these processes of creation leads to the fulfillment of desires. When the Eternal Light, and thus the process of creation, is revitalized, the quality of all life is refined and all can be achieved: Abundant health and fulfillment. 

The Pendant of Eternal Light

  • increases and refines the quality of consciousness of all life
  • masters the processes of creation so that our desires are met more quickly and with greater fulfillment
  • intensifies the signal of the BioTranslator
  • increases the effectiveness of all other BioGenesis light tools


Application: Hold the Pendant of Eternal Light in your hand and - if available - the BioTranslator in the other hand. Express a simple wish. If after a short time you perceive a tingling or a feeling of joy in your heart, submit your wish.

Real wishes are simple, because truth is always simple. There is tremendous power in simplicity, and that is why you will achieve the most incredible results with real, simple wishes.

Submit your wish after about one minute. The Pendant of Eternal Light establishes a connection to the source of creation. A tingling sensation, warmth, a feeling of joy in your heart may indicate that the connection exists. Even if you are not consciously aware of anything, the connection is certainly established and you become part of the creation process. You can repeat this process several times a day.

Wear the pendant around your neck or keep it close to you and enjoy the revival of Eternal Light. The Pendant of Eternal Light is of great importance for each individual as well as the entire transformation process of humanity. 

Special Features: The Pendant of Eternal Light consists of a precisely proportioned and high quality silver plated stainless steel spiral with exactly 10 rotations. The silver is anti-tarnish and anti-allergenic. The pendant contains a natural magnetite octahedron and three powerful borosilicate glass spheres with the concentrated energy of the eternal light of creation.

The pendant of the Eternal Light is initialized in Hawaii at the seat of the Eternal Light for all humankind.

Size approx. 60 x 27 mm