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CHF 88.80


This pendant is very often chosen by people who have to endure derogatory remarks, unfair criticism and nasty machinations.

The primary purpose of the AURA*Shield is to strengthen the personal aura and our subtle bodies (chakras) and to protect them from unwanted energies that manifest themselves through persons in our immediate environment.

Due to more than 20 years of experience and many feedbacks, the AURA*Shield was given the designation "Anti-Bullying Pendant" within our team.

* * *

The deliberately chosen light blue color of the AURA*Shield has been proven to promote self-confidence and creative thinking processes. In biophysics, this color is attributed properties that have a direct influence on the thyroid and thymus gland. The thymus gland is -among other things- responsible for the control of the immune system and the production of T-lymphocytes (white blood cells that serve the immune defence). Interesting fact: the german translation of thyroid gland is: Schild-Drüse; meaning Shield-Gland. Perfect!

In our professional work we often find that especially people who had a difficult youth and often felt very helpless and could not defend themselves, later have complications with the thyroid gland and suffer from an under- or overfunction.

* * *

We recommend wearing the AURA*Shield as a pendant on the body (if possible on the skin); preferably at the height of the collarbone.

Many people working in the fields of kinesiology and bio-resonance as well as a large number of sensitive people can recommend this special pendant without any restrictions.

* * *

Size: 30mm x 7mm

Material: individually handmade with pure crystalline silicon
sterling silver loop

* * *

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