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AQ d

CHF 78.60


With the AQUIVATOR, we have been offering since 1998 an efficient and inexpensive device that revitalizes your tap water.

The AQUIVATOR is a tachyonized water jet economizer that can be attached to any standard water faucet. Thanks to the patented construction, a lot of air is added to the tap water; without loss of comfort. The AQUIVATOR thus produces a pleasantly soft and splash-free jet and saves about 40% of water and energy compared to conventional aerators; when used regularly with hot water, it also saves precious energy.

The practical ball joint allows the water jet to be easily swivelled from 360o to an angle of 15o. Thanks to its modest size (40mm x 25mm Ø) the AQUIVATOR is also suitable for small sinks. If you wish, you can remove the ball joint device and install only the lower part (with the filter). The dynamisation of the water is still guaranteed. The AQUIVATOR is suitable for faucets with external thread as well as for faucets with internal thread!

* * *

Economic and health benefits : This tachyonised water jet saver helps to preserve the environment with its resources by reducing water consumption from approx. 15 litres/min to approx. 8 litres/min! You are no longer dependent on buying expensive, low-energy mineral water and transporting it from the place of purchase to your home. The purchase of the AQUIVATOR pays for itself within a few months. In addition, food and drinks prepared with vitalised water taste better and are significantly healthier.

Animals and plants : Your pets will also benefit from vitalized water. Tests systematically show that they instinctively choose revitalized water. Even people without a green thumb know that vitalized water is also good for plants ;-)

Test winner : The evaluations of the large-scale study conducted by the famous research laboratory Hagalis AG, in which more than 300 drinking water revitalisation systems were tested over a period of 9 years, showed that our AQUAFLOW and AQUIVATOR systems achieved the best valutations in terms of quality, efficiency, price and economy!

* * *

Important note: The AQUIVATOR is not suitable for non-pressurized devices (storage heaters, hot water tanks, etc.)!

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