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CHF 280.00


The installation of AQUAFLOW is like a walk in the park!

The AQUAFLOW silicon ribbon is to be wrapped around the main cold water pipe. The enclosed cable fixer are used to attach the ribbon. Once coiled, the ribbon needs approx. 40cm to 60cm of space on the pipe. Installing the ribbon takes only a few minutes. If you move to an other house, the ribbon can easily be disassembled in no time.

Thanks to this advantageous system, you will benefit from vitalized water in your kitchen, your bath and/or whilst having a shower or taking a bath!

Besides; the water in the water supply line for the garden is also vitalized. All the plants, flowers and the vegetable in your garden will quite certain appreciate the positive “side-effects”!

Our system is known to soften tap water; all household aids, such as coffee machine, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. will be spared from lime scales.

> less softening salt for dishwashers
> less washing power for the laundry
> easier cleaning of the tiles an bath and kitchen equipment

Test winner

During a scientific study who lasted 9 years, among 350 different systems for vitalizing drinking water, the combination of AQUAFLOW and AQUIVATOR has been tested as the most performing devices regarding: cost-performance ratio *price *ecology and *economy

Link to all the scientific and energetic studies