GeomancyWater Pearls

Silica Half-Sphere * crystal

Product#: SHK KR E

CHF 58.00


The Silica Half-Spheres are one of the most spectacular objects we offer for chakra-balancing and lightful meditation. In connection with the five different colours, the users may reach different spheres of consciousness.

The Silica Half-Sphere, which covers the little spiral pyramid, helps to protect the user during its meditation and will surround him with lightful energy. The small inside spiral pyramid helps to connect with mother earth and the cosmos.

* * *

The crystal-clear Half-Sphere can be used to dissolve energetic blockages. To do so place or/and hold it on the corresponding part of the body. The person, who receives the treatment should try to visualize how the cause of the problem is slowly vanishing.

* * *

All Silica Half-Spheres can also be used for harmonizing geopatic stress zones. Additional information is published on our homepage under the rubric GEOBIOLOGY.