Product#: BL P3 E

CHF 1'798.00


The Feng Shui product for low-energy apartments, houses and business premises !

The PHAROS III helps to optimize the CHI flow, strengthen it and is able to manifest vitality, prosperity and happiness.

In the summer of 2015 we manufactured the first PHAROS III from walnut wood in our workshop. After several days of careful work, a beautiful art object has been created; an object which radiates a wonderful warmth and graceful elegance.

The main idea was to create a new Tachyon device that is capable of transforming invisible disturbing harmful influences. Compared to the PHAROS II -which has been created for harmonizing harmful earth radiation and electric smog- only minor changes were made. The two most important were:

a) the choice of walnut ... and
b) the adaptation of the shape, which now has the character of a flat shell

* * *

There are good reasons why we have chosen walnut wood for the production. This noble wood, which we also use for the production of the TELEOIS-Monolith, was chosen primarily for its anti-parasitic properties. The walnut tree releases inhibitors that prevent other plants from thriving in competition for the nutrients. During the tachyonizing process these properties are potentiated.

Interesting in this context is the energetic equivalent of the Bach Flower Essence Walnut: Among other things, it helps to achieve inner strength. It is the flower essence for a new beginning. Walnut supports people to remain true to their life's goals. Influences of the outside world lose their power; one trusts in one's own inner voice again!

* * *

Energetic effect: After extensive tests it was found that the PHAROS III transforms parasitic patterns such as "I don't deserve this" ... and thereby attract financial wealth and success.

Place this wonderful object centrally in your living or working area and let yourself be surprised by its potential effect!

* * *

Laws of nature:  In the implementation of PHAROS III we use our know-how regarding the golden ratio. Knowledge of the theory of colours, laws of form and matter as well as information from the works of Leonardo da Pisa, J. W. von Goethe and Leonardo da Vinci are also applied in the production.

Production: The production of PHAROS III takes place in our workshops. From the woodworking to the gilding of the base and the silicon disc; all steps are carried out by our employees in meticulous work. Each PHAROS III is therefore unique.

Tachyons ... can be described as "always balancing". Tachyonized products are antennas for energy vibrations of the highest order. Applied to living beings, they can supply the organism with "life energy" of highest concentration. If there are influences which promote disharmonies, Tachyons can often counteract such tendencies in a very short time and with astonishing success.

We wish you a lot of fun and pleasure in materializing abundance and success !