Product#: PHAROS II (E)

CHF 1'498.00


Since summer 2009 we proudly present an energetic and incomparable object: PHAROS II.

This highly energetic object serves -above all- to harmonize external and internal electric and electromagnetic culprits. It procures well-being and protection. Additionally it has been conceived to harmonize the hereinafter mentioned pathogenic influences:

• Hartmann-Grid • Curry-Grid
• Water-Veins • Faults
• Electric power lines • Power lines for trains and buses
• Mobile phone antennas • UMTS signals • WiFi radiation

Furthermore, this object may be described as "Manifesting-Device". It may help to easier manifest ideas and projects.

Placement: Place it in your living area or in your office. We recommend to put it on a shelf or on a furniture at the height in between your bellybutton and your solar plexus (approx. 1,30m from the floor).

Range: Based of feed-backs on behalf of our clients and kinesiologic and radiesthetic test we proceed on the assumption that a PHAROS II may comfortably cover a range of up to 200 meters (diameter).

On of the biggest building in which a PHAROS II has been integrated is a care retirement home which specialized in treating persons suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinson.

* * *

Each PHAROS II is manufactured in our atelier. From the woodwork up to the gilding of the silica-disc: all steps are meticulously made by our employees. We solely use natural material such as maple wood, cristalline silicon and pure gold.

Height: 35mm
Diameter: 25cm
Coloring: blue/violet

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