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05 * Sphere * lilac

Product#: BL SK L E

CHF 118.00


Lilac awakens hidden potentials and activates them very gently. This color is interesting for people who do not yet know exactly in which direction they want to go, but who already have a small idea about it. Lilac is considered to be the color of springtime, because its potential also consists in awakening dormant energies and making them sprout. Lilac is probably the color with the highest potential of our whole palette.

Apart from the applications mentioned under the main rubric, the lilac-colored sphere is especially suitable for the following life situations:

  • if I lack self-confidence
  • if I am energetically exhausted and exhausted
  • if I tend towards a "chaotic" way of life
  • if it is difficult to feel gratitude and joy
  • to feel a sense of harmony and inner peace
  • if I have the impression of being defenselessly exposed to negative energies
  • to connect with the wonderful side of life

Lilac is - as practice shows - often chosen by people who cannot trust other people ... but also and above all they cannot trust themselves. It is possible to heal deepest injuries with lilac tachyon products and to let the world shine in a new light.

* * *

Each tachyon sphere - like all other glass products in our range - is carefully handcrafted by employees of a renowned glassworks in Bavaria and then tachyonized with the method we developed. Small bubbles, which (may) appear inside the sphere, do not influence its effect in any way, but are a clear indication that it is exquisite handcraft !

The diameter is 50mm. Each sphere comes with a small wooden ring, so you can place it on your desk or e.g. under the bed.

PS: The price for the lilac sphere is, as you might have noticed, a little bit higher than the prices for the other spheres in our assortment. This has to do with the fact that real gold is used in the melting process and the production of the lilac products. Lilac tachyon products change color depending on the light conditions, similar to one of the most expensive gems in the world, the Alexandrite. In artificial light, lilac appears bluish in color, whereas in sunshine the color shines in all its glory.

* * *

Chakras and colors

The color lilac is not assigned to any chakra. However, there are correspondences for the 4th chakra (Anahata-Chakra) as well as for the 7th chakra (Sahasrara-Chakra). If you click on the corresponding links, you will find detailed information about these two chakras, as well as the corresponding assignments to body and mind and diseases that can be treated with this color frequency.

A few more keywords related to the energetic properties of the color lilac can be found here.

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