Product#: SC E

CHF 59.80


The tachyonized SILVER*CARD, manufactured with pure silver and pure silicon, can be used for different purposes.
As tachyons primary „transmit information“ one can produce so-called „silver-water“, which offers a similar potential as known from colloidal silver.
To do so place the SILVER*CARD for awhile under a glass or a carafe with fresh water. You can leave the credit card sized SILVER*CARD without further ado all day long under the carafe; just refill it with fresh water as required.
As silver is known as precious metal with the best electric and thermic conductivity it is highly qualified to transmit the potential of tachyon energy. Aside from the fact, that „silver-water“ tastes much better than normal tap water, it is proven, that this water strengthens  the whole organism. One can easily verify the positive effect with the aid of a muscle test (kinesiology). Silver helps to establish clarity.

> study watercrystals * 2012