Product#: FC E

CHF 39.80


In order to energize quickly and effectively food & beverages, we offer the little, credit card sized and tachyonized FOOD*CARD. Just put it directly under the drinking glass or under the dinner plate.

Very interesting is the application if wine, coffee or other acid beverages or comestibles are savored. If, for example, this little card is put under a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, the acid is notably reduced, these liquids tastes “rounder” and display more savor; the are much more easier to digest, which helps to discharge the whole organism.

Especially persons, who eat out very often (field service) appreciate the efficacy of this little companion. Handy advice: please do not forget to take it back from beneath the plate after your meal.

We wish you lots of pleasure with this highly effective tachyon product !

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