Product#: G C E

CHF 69.80


Protect your body from e-smog !

The 24 carat gold plated and tachyonized GOLD*CARD (credit card size) made out of pure silicon protects reliably the whole organism from the influences of harmful electric and electromagnetic interfering fields. The GOLD*CARD has been developed for persons which expose themselves daily to e-smog generating devices such as computers, flat screens, cashier registers, photocopiers, mobile phone antennas, TV’s, in the train, subway, etc.

The nervous systems of the human body is mainly controlled through the flux of electrons. The precious metal gold with its particular atomic structure and its unique electric potential affects the electric and electromagnetic conditions of every single human body cell. Tachyonized gold is capable to harmonize in a short space of time any faulty electric potential. This is one of the reasons we use this precious alloy on our GOLD*CHIP.

For your protection, we recommend to put the GOLD*CARD directly in the breast pocket of your shirt.

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