VITA LineChakra-Balancing

Based on the feedback we have received since 1996, it is always surprising to see the extensive potential of tachyons. The variety of possible applications allows practically unlimited applications.

Whether you use them to harmonize the chakras and feel how body, mind and soul relax in a very light and harmonious way, or whether you want to use a perhaps novel "tool" that grounds and at the same time opens you during meditation; BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products never cease to amaze.

Applied in the energetic-therapeutic field, our products can help to recognize the underlying emotional pattern of the problem and in a further step to clarify and transform it.

We believe that we have succeeded in creating products that a) are able to give interested people access to this light-filled source of energy and b) that almost everybody can consciously take concrete measures for its personal well-being.

* * *

Energetic cleaning: Tests (including kinesiology, radiesthesia, bio-resonance, radionics, etc.) prove again and again that it is not necessary to "cleanse" BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon products. Unlike precious and semi-precious stones, they cannot "charge" themselves.

Duration of effect: The duration of effect of our products is - with the exception of textiles - comparable to that of magnets, i.e. a few decades.