Meridian treatment

The Tree of Life pendant holds an ancient symbol within that may explain the context of life. It may awake vacant potential of the past, present and future. Of all Tachyon Products we offer, the creative principle is most prominent in the Tree of Life: it represents the most explicit expression for the cabbalistic background of its origin. The Tree of Life contains the potential to transmit information to body, mind and soul: it activates the full structure of a human being, it grounds and offers centering effects. Repeatedly we state that day-dreamer in particular feel somehow attracted to this beautiful pendant.

The Tree of Life has been brought into a three-dimensional shape, which -in co-operation with the tachyons- will unfold its exceptional effect. Gently, the dormant range of potential is activated in the user, which will help to clarify certain matters. The Tree of Life is a likeness of the evolution of man containing all aspects of life. Information can be "tapped in" with this Tachyon Product. It is particularly useful to balance the chakra system.

Used as a therapeutic „instrument“, the Tree of Life may be used to help our body cells to remember how they should work. It also can be used (flowing movements) to deblock meridians and for activating acupuncture points.

Another very interesting application consists in integrating the Tree of Life in Feng Shui consultation: by suspending it in low-energy sections, this pendant is able to reactivate blocked energies.  As this pendant is available in 15 different colors he offers a great variety of possibilities: be it red for activating, aquamarine for promoting communication or emerald green for regeneration.

* * *

Individual manufacturing: each Tree of Life, which by the way is furnished with a loop made of pure sterling silver, is carefully handmade by an internationally renowned Bavarian glass foundry with pure crystalline silicon.

The Tree of Life is available in two different colors. Dimensions: ~ 52 x 8 mm