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The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that symbolizes the many facets of life.

Wearing this pendant can help to re-establish contact with the positive material side of life, to feel grounded and to perceive one's life path more clearly.

In our practice, we find that the Tree of Life is often chosen by daydreamers ... and also by people who often get bogged down in (too) many tasks.

Meridian-Clearing: Used in the energetic-therapeutic field, the Tree of Life can be used to remind cells how they should function and to stimulate the meridian flow. To do this, glide it back and forth about 5cm over half of the body.

The crystal clear Half-Sphere can be used to dissolve energetic blockages. In addition, it is an exceptional glass object that can be used for chakra balancing as well as for light-filled meditation.

CHF 68.00