GEO LineSilica-Sphere

The tachyon spheres, which we have been offering since 1996, are characterized by their gentle and harmonious energy spectrum, which makes it possible to apply lightful tachyon particles for personal well-being. The variety of possibilities that the tachyon sphere offers is absolutely fantastic.

In fact almost all persons who take a sphere in their hand feel a pleasant warmth in a short time, and an energy which supplies and envelops the entire body.

Like all tachyon products in our range, spheres also function as receivers and transmitters; this means that the spheres "attract" tachyon particles from the air and "release" them into the environment. The energy field that is created has the shape of a large, invisible sphere ... and can manifest a "tachyon particle cloud" of three meters or more in diameter. If you hold a tachyon sphere in your hand, you can therefore assume that your entire body will be enveloped with tachyon particles. Thanks to its shape and energy potential, the sphere represents probably the most comprehensive product in our range.

* * *

Due to our many years of experience and the many feedbacks we have been able to collect for over 25 years now, we can say with the best of our knowledge and conscience that our tachyonized spheres can be used for the following applications:

>• for meditation
>• in the field of Feng Shui
>• for interference suppression of earth radiation
>• to harmonize electro-smog
>• to refresh living & working spaces

All these application features may seem a bit exaggerated for many people. We can assert with confidence that these statements are completely accurate.