The shape of the Xyluriz is reminiscent of a wheel ... and therefore has a similar energetic potential: to get things moving, to move forward. An interesting little handcrafted object for those who want to look into the future and let go of troublesome memories from the past.

Placed on to the body, the gentle energy of the Xyluriz can help to release even ancient energetic blockages. As the Xyluriz has soothing qualities, it is ideal for applying to the appropriate area in acute pain. We recommend the indigo blue Xyluriz for this purpose.

* * *

Material: pure crystalline silicon, size: Ø 25mm x 6mm, available in 15 different colors, where each color offers very specific properties. Every single Xyluriz is individually handmade by employees of a small renowned glassworks in Bavaria.

Matching the Xyluriz we offer an eyelet made of pure 925 sterling silver. It is galvanically coated with rhodium (platinum metal), which makes this eyelet extremely abrasion and corrosion resistant.