Amulets and talismans

The pendants that we present in this section can offer interesting support for all those who are looking for an effective "talisman".

We create them individually by hand in our workshops and use only pure materials such as crystalline silica, gold, silver, copper and -exclusively for the STAR*RAYs- an alloy of different metals, which offers extraordinary visual and energetic effects.

The precious metals that we use for these pendants play a very important role in medicine. In the following, we present you with some excerpts of their energetic potential.

MOON*RAY, large
CHF 128.00
MOON*RAY, small
CHF 98.00
CHF 88.80
STAR*RAY, small
CHF 98.00
SUN*RAY, large
CHF 148.00
SUN*RAY, small
CHF 114.00
VENUS*RAY, large
CHF 118.00
VENUS*RAY, small
CHF 88.00
CHF 98.00