Since 1995 we have been offering tachyon products for water revitalization. Today, more than 25 years later, it is finally becoming more and more widely accepted that vitalized water has subtle qualities that are essential for well-being and health.

The evaluation of the large-scale study of the Research Laboratory Hagalis Ltd. in 2005, in which over 300 systems for revitalizing drinking water were tested over a long period of time (1994 - 2005), showed that our Aquivator and the Aquaflow system achieved the best marks in terms of quality - efficiency - price - economy. The results achieved with our products have been published under this link.

The 40 best and therefore recommendable devices as well as the results of the tests are clearly presented in the book: " Geräte zur Wasserbelebung (Devices for water vitalization)" * ISBN-10: 3038003107

Treat yourself to our inexpensive and award-winning products and turn your water into a source of wellness !

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>• AQUIVATOR : Drinking water revitalization for bathroom and kitchen
>• AQUAJET : Water revitalization for the shower
>• AQUAFLOW : Water revitalization for the whole house