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It's a pleasure to welcome you in our virtual store in which we present energetic Tachyon products Made in Germany and engineered in Switzerland. In 1995 we started developing them for everybody's well-being and they perfectly suit for:
- vitalizing drinking water
- energizing food and beverages
- protection against electric smog
- optimizing toxic exhaust gas emission


In order to guarantee the best possible quality we have them examined regularly by independent laboratories. Under this link we present various analyses and studies that are related to the products developed by our company.

A recent study (November 2012) in which the Energy Cards have been tested with the procedure developed by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto brought to light striking results. By clicking on this link we will “hijack” you towards the gallery with the beautiful water crystal images.

We wish you a good time browsing our web-shop and are looking forward to welcome you as a new customer.

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